Benjamin Longmire is a singer songwriter born and raised in Los Alamos. His acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics speak to the soul. He shares music from the heart, and somehow reflects the beauty and character of the land and community he has grown from. He speaks to what many of us feel and this makes for touching lyrics and melodies that reach deep. 


At age 32, he has written, produced and released three albums that are available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music among other sites. Have a listen yourself. Besides locally, Longmire has played gigs around New Mexico, including the Hard Rock in Albuquerque and venues around Colorado.


Music is Longmire’s spirit.  He typically plays 4 to 6 hours a day as an independent artist. He started playing and writing songs when he was 17 and produced his own music by 19. “One of my teachers, Mick Matuzack, had a guitar lying around at school and I started learning to play there. Shortly after this, my parents bought me my first guitar. It was an acoustic electric. It’s been so long now I can’t even remember what brand it was. It was a pretty inexpensive guitar but it was perfect for me. I could have never done what I do without my parents help and support,” expressed Longmire. He also gives credit to his learning a lot about music and performing from Brandon Kluk who has played Gordons Concerts at Ashley Pond and gigs all around the country and is from Los Alamos too. “He had a huge influence on me. I remember always thinking I want to be as good as Brandon,” said Longmire.


Benjamin’s primary philosophy about music is to create creative songs that are honest. “When I was younger I dreamed of fame and then around the age of 22 I realized that I need to focus on my life story and pull ideas from my experiences. I think what makes me different from other artists is that my songs are personal experiences and express how I view the world from politics to religion to just observing life,” he said.  His lyrics deliver his thought provoking sentiments and ideas. He exudes care and concern for emotions and the plight and struggles of humanity. 


You can say Benjamin reminds you of this famous musician or that one, but the truth is Benjamin Longmire truly is his own person and his music expresses his unique character beautifully, while touching chords in one’s own core being, which is a sign of great music.

“My biggest inspirations come from all sorts of different kinds of music. I listen to anything from metal to spa music and build my subconscious with different sounds. They come out in my music naturally in some form or another. Different time signatures and just how music can work. I aspire to be a better player and keep the theme within that I can always be better,” shared Longmire. 


Benjamin claims his parents, Jon and Vicki Longmire, and sister, Michelle, are his biggest fans. He runs all his songs through his mother and father before posting them, because their input is so valuable. “I love my life, and music is my primary passion. I can’t even explain how much support my mom and dad have given me. Even when I felt, or feel, like my dream’s not going to work, they always inspire me and I can’t thank them enough,” he remarked.

He is also grateful for the support from Los Alamos when he has played around town at places like Bathtub Row and Pajarito Brewpub and added, “Los Alamos is such an amazing community. For the most part I truly feel like people are pulling for me to be more successful and I can really feel it when I play around town. I have a very blessed life where I have studio where I can record and a place to live that is very nice.” 


Longmire has also done a lot of ‘busking’ (entertaining on the street or in a public place) around Santa Fe and commented, “I have met so many people just playing around the plaza primarily. Some famous musicians listened to me in that setting and I was honored by their comments. Lakota John said, "I love your music; you have your own style and sound," and Jimmy Coull said, "Your music reminds me of mine when I was your age.’